Insurance Options

You are responsible for making sure your campervan and your customers are properly insured, but we will do our best to help.

Inclusive Price: One of Quirky Campers’ unique selling points is our transparent and inclusive pricing model. For this reason insurance must always be included in prices we quote to potential hirers. Please bear this in mind when setting your prices . You cannot charge customers for insurance separately if you are advertising on Quirky Campers. 

Warning: Motor insurance costs went up on average by 58% in 2023. The following prices were updated Feb 2024. Please bear this in mind when comparing with your previous year’s premium. 

Option 1: Annual Self Drive Hire 

  • Broker: Alan Boswell or call 01603 915110
  • Underwriter: Allianz 
  • Cost: from £1500 to £3000* 

* Rates vary depending on vehicle value, post code, parking and named driver history 

+ Pros

  • Easiest by far
  • Covers you and 4 named drivers (just as your regular policy would)
  • Unlimited hires 
  • UK & EU Breakdown add-on designed for hiring
  • Public Liability add-on
  • Minimal paperwork 

- Cons

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Non-refundable 
  • Hirer age restrictions dependant on vehicle value*
  • Increased excess dependant on vehicle value*

*Vehicle Value

Minimum Driver Age

Minimum Excess

Up to £35,000



£35,001 to £50,000



£50,001 to £55,000



£55,001 to £60,000



£60,001 to £75,000



Over £75,000


**To check the value of your campervan have a look at the over 3,000 sold listings on our website.

Note: Make sure you are insuring your campervan for the right amount so you are not either over paying on insurance or underinsured.

Option 2: Daily Self Drive Hire

  • Broker: Alan Boswell or call 01603 915110
  • Underwriter: Marker Study
  • Cost: 
    • 1 Day: £36.45
    • 2 Days: £24.11 per day
    • 3-14 Days: £19.99 per day
    • 14+ Days: £18.85 per day

+ Pros

  • Provides excellent flexibility
  • Great way to get started with renting with minimal financial risk.
  • An excellent option especially in your first season with Quirky.
  • Cheaper for longer bookings

- Cons

  • Does not cover you
  • More admin than annual option
  • More expensive for short bookings
  • Ends up being more expensive for popular vehicles
  • Extra charges apply for short notice (under 24h) hires and extensions

Note: The daily cover must be arranged and bought by you in advance of each hire. You will need to send the driver hire form (filled out by the customer) to Alan Boswell with the current mileage and Campervan's value. Alan Boswell will bill you directly.

Note: You will still need a Social Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) insurance policy to cover you when the vehicle is not on hire. See SD&P options below that we know allow you to have a daily SDH policy in addition (most don’t allow this). 

Annual Social Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P):

If you opt for the Daily SDH you will still need to cover you and your family. Here are some options that we know don’t prevent you from hiring out with daily cover for your customers. 

Adrian Flux

  • Underwriter: Trinity or Marker Study
  • Cost: from £400 to £1200*
  • Terms: Pro-rata refundable with £35 cancellation fee

* Rates vary depending on vehicle value, post code, parking and named driver history 

Adrian Flux is refundable pro-rata and allows you to take out policies for your renters on a daily basis. 

Alan Boswell

  • Underwriters: Highway, Equity Red Star, Victor Millwell, KGM & Meteorwrite
  • Cost: from £400 to £1200*
  • Terms: Varied cancellation terms with scaled refunds, some pro-rata. Please speak to Alan Boswell about individual underwriters Ts&Cs regarding add ons for SDH. 

* Rates vary depending on vehicle value, post code, parking and named driver history 

Note: For BOTH SD&P and SDH Premiums will be higher than the figures quoted above if any of these apply:

  • Located in certain postcode in for example London, Manchester or Birmingham
  • Value of the vehicle
  • You have multiple points
  • You are younger than 25
  • You have less than 2 year driving experience

Breakdown Cover:

In addition to the Self Drive Hire policy you also must haveBreakdown cover in order to rent out via Quirky Campers - 

Option 1: Alan Boswell SDH Breakdown Cover

  • Service provided by RAC
  • Cost: £185 per year

+ Pros

  • Assures you are covered, specifically designed for your Alan Boswell SDH policy
  • Covers you, your named drivers and all renters

- Cons

  • Only available if you take the annual SDH policy with Alan Boswell

Option 2: RAC Business Cover

If you’re going with Adrian Flux and the Alan Boswell daily add-on option, the only reliable option is RAC Business cover. 

  • Service provided by RAC
  • Cost: £190 per year or £19 per month (can stop/start cover when you have rentals)

+ Pros

  • Assures you are covered, covers vehicle for hire and reward
  • Covers you, your named drivers and all renters 
  • Flexible and monthly options
  • Available no matter which insurance policy you take

- Cons

  • Extra paperwork
  • Won’t cover your vehicle if it requires a C1, is over 3.5 tonnes or over 7.5m in length

IMPORTANT: If you go with Adrian Flux for SD&P their optional breakdown cover is not a suitable product as it does not cover your hirers and renting out your campervan can invalidate their breakdown cover.

Contact details:

For the Adrian Flux SD&P policy call 0800 085 9459 and ask for their campervan insurance. See their website:

For the annual SDH policy or to arrange daily insurance once you’ve got your SD&P contact Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd on 01603 915110 and tell them you are a New/Existing Quirky Campers owner. See their website: www.alanboswell.cominsurance/self-drive-hire-insurance/quirky-campers

RAC Business Breakdown 0808 588 1903. See their website:

If you have any queries about any of the above, please don't hesitate toget in touch.