Insurance Options

You are responsible for making sure you, the vehicle and your customers are properly insured. But we will we do our best to help.

Quirky Campers recommends Alan Boswell's Self Drive Hire policy to cover you and your hirers for complete peace of mind. Contact them directly for an exact quote for your situation but here is some general advice:

Before your first hire - SD&P: £500

There is no need to jump straight in with the Self Drive Hire policy (SDH). So whilst you are finishing your conversion or waiting for your first booking, you should go with Social Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) to cover you and 3 named drivers (but not hirers yet).

SD&P cover with Alan Boswell is usually around £500. This might be more than you get quoted by for example Adrian Flux or Shield Total Insurance but it has one major's upgradable to SDH at the drop of a hat with no cancellation cost or faff.    

Ready to hire?

Once your first booking is confirmed and a few weeks away, it's time to get the Self Drive Hire sorted. You have two options:

Annual - SDH: from £1,150*

Unlimited hires (plus 4 named drivers). Cost is from £1,150 per year or £650 pro rata if you have already paid for SD&P

Daily - £19/day

This must be arranged and bought by you in advance of each hire. You will need to fill out the driver hire form using the details the hirers send over in advance and then send that to Alan Boswell with the current mileage and van's value. Alan Boswell will bill you directly. It costs £19 per day and if the customer is going to be late back you need to arrange an extension and pass on the costs.

If you go with daily you will still need SD&P cover. Most other providers won't allow you to take out daily cover for hire purposes.

The annual option is almost always the better price overall but the Daily option can be a great way to get started with minimal financial risk.

Further required insurance cover

In addition to the Self Drive Hire policy you also must have the following cover:

  • Breakdown cover - RAC is offered by Alan Boswell for around £185. Whilst you might be able to get cheaper breakdown elsewhere...don't. Other providers will let you down once they find out the vehicle is on hire, even if they have told you otherwise when you buy. The only other reliable option is RAC Fleet cover.
  • Public Liability - This must be purchased to cover you in the event of injury to the renter whilst on hire. Around £180 underwritten by Sagic

And these are optional add-ons which we highly recommend:

  • Motor Legal - £80
  • Commercial Legal - £10

*Note: For budgeting purposes you should expect the cost of insurance to be from £1500 per year. If you are in London this will be more like £2,000.

Premiums will be higher than the figures quoted above if any of these apply:

  • Located in London
  • Vehicle is valued at more than £25k
  • You have multiple points
  • You are younger than 25
  • You have less than 2 year driving experience

Contact details

Ask to speak to the self-drive hire team and ask for the "Quirky Campers package" to benefit from our group discount. This include Self Drive Hire, UK & EU Breakdown, Public Liability and Motor Legal.

If you have any queries about any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch.